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OptionX Group is an Australian company dedicated to serving all areas of the drilling, tunnelling and boring industries. We offer manufacturing, microtunnelling contracting, equipment maintenance and servicing, locally made drill pipes, and drilling and tunnelling machines.

OptionX Group Companies

Edge Underground

Microtunnelling contractors


Manufacturing and engineering


Modular drilling equipment

Drillit International

Machine maintenance and servicing


Adjustable centralisers /casing spacers


Australian made, German engineered drill pipes

OptionX Group is also the exclusive seller of German MTS Microtunnelling Systems in Australia and New Zealand. The strength of the group means after-sales support and emergency parts are available in Australia.

If you have a question or need related to the drilling, tunnelling or boring industry, we have the experts and equipment for you. Not sure where to start? Get in touch with the team to discuss your needs.

Microtunnelling Contractors

Edge Underground

Edge Underground is the contractor of choice for the installation of sewer and water pipelines across Australia.

Trenchless Success

We offer clients a range of trenchless installation techniques including microtunnelling, laser boring, auger boring and thrust boring.

Innovative Work

Edge Underground is known for finding solutions when others deem the job too difficult.

With a comprehensive range of installation techniques and equipment at their disposal, the team from Edge Underground can install pipelines of various diameters (100 to 3,000mm) in a wide range of ground conditions, without compromising on accuracy or production.

Machinery Manufacturers


Bournedrill is a global leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of drilling, tunnelling and boring equipment.

Engineering excellence combined with industry experience

Fully equipped Queensland workshop

Innovative product design

The adjustable centralisers you have been waiting for.

Proven in the Field

Over 100,000 units have been produced and used in the field so far.

Versatile and Customisable

With three different sized bands, and with both flex and rigid options, adjustable Riteline Centralisers have 34 possible settings, and the ability to be modified to heights ranging from 30mm to 125mm.

Proudly Australian-Made

Our centralisers are not just superior; they're 100% Australian-designed, owned, and manufactured.

Trust the Experts for All Your Drilling, Boring and Tunnelling Needs

Meet our Key Personnel

Stuart Harrison

Chief Executive Officer

Stuart is the driving force behind OptionX Group with an unwavering passion for innovation and improvement in the drilling industry. He has many decades of experience in underground technology with a focus on trenchless technology, HDD and precision drilling.

Stuart is the inventor of the AXIS Guided Boring system which was licensed to Vermeer, and he continues to work to improve the effectiveness of current trenchless systems. He’s worked on projects around the world with extensive experience in the USA, Australia and the Middle East.

He is the Founder of Edge Underground and is taking a leading role in the expansion and growth of OptionX Group business, Bournedrill. In all businesses Stuart is a part of, he is determined to see them become market leaders through embracing new technologies, being relentless in ongoing research and development, and taking well-considered steps towards innovation. 

Stuart has extensive experience in small diameter trenchless installations, microtunnelling, jack and boring, auger boring, pilot tube, gravity sewer, shaft construction, and designing and improving trenchless equipment. This experience means Stuart can advise on all aspects of a project and take an active role in delivering solutions that work.

Meet our Key Personnel

Norman Draper

Chair of OptionX Group Strategy and Advisory Board

Norman has had a long career in Chartered Accountancy and continues to advise OptionX Group and its clients on business matters. Norman has a passion for acting as a private advisor for family businesses and understands the complexities of various business structures.

Norman is the former CEO and Chair of PKF Australia, the tenth largest accounting firm in Australia, and VICE Chair of PKF International which has 220 offices globally. His deep expertise in business means he is able to ensure clients of OptionX Group get the best deal possible, leaving all parties happy. Norman can assist in negotiations between clients and head contractors, or assist in settling other business conflicts.

Meet our Key Personnel

Tiernan O’Rourke

Associate Director

Tiernan has extensive experience in civil, trenchless, utilities and tunnelling projects in Australia, Europe and South Africa. He holds a BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering Degree with a Diploma in Industrial Studies. He excels in challenging conditions including being able to deliver results where commercial, technical and environmental complexities exist. 

He has managed large national projects and knows how to operate within budget, on schedule and maintain safe and positive working environments for his staff. He’s deeply knowledgeable in all aspects of trenchless technology, tunnelling, CIPP and emerging drilling techniques.

Tiernan is currently the Operations Manager of Edge Underground, one of the OptionX Group businesses, and assists in a number of aspects across the group.

Meet our Key Personnel

Tom Chart

Head of Manufacturing

Tom worked with OptionX Group business, Bournedrill, for more than 15 years. He grew with the company from machinist to General Manager and is now Head of Manufacturing across OptionX Group. 

Tom knows how every machine within the Bournedrill workshop operates and is one of the few machinists with a genuine understanding of the manual processes behind each project. His gift is being able to take an idea and work out how it can be created. He works with clients, engineers and technical officers to take a component or machine idea from conception through to commissioning.

With a deep understanding of the manual processes involved in manufacturing, Tom is able to find solutions to problems that others don’t consider. His ability to use a range of manufacturing equipment ensures projects that are not suitable for CNC automation can still be completed.

Meet our Key Personnel

Harry Mostert

Strategic Sales and Operations Advisor

Harry has more than 25 years of management experience in Australia and internationally across mining, civil infrastructure, construction and remote site projects. He brings his unique combination of strategic thinking and hands-on experience to OptionX Group.

His vision for business growth and deep understanding of the drilling, tunnelling and boring industries assist OptionX Group in improving systems and processes, and increasing efficiency.   

Harry’s involvement with OptionX Group will drive the company towards a lean management system and ensure customers get the best possible service and results.

Meet our Key Personnel

Jim Perry

Business Development

Jim has almost 50 years of experience in trenchless technology, encompassing microtunnelling, HDD, pipe jacking, auger boring and box culvert jacking. He’s worked in countries around the world, including USA, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore, as well all parts of Australia.

Jim joined our key personnel to facilitate a commercial agency agreement between MTS and OptionX Group, enabling MTS machines to directly reach the Australian and New Zealand markets. An important part of the agreement is the local support OptionX Group can provide through Bournedrill, with a fully-equipped workshop in Queensland and experts with deep knowledge of the industry.

Along with working to support the industry through machinery sales and support, Jim continues to share specialist knowledge in trenchless projects, working with the Edge Underground team to find cost-effective solutions for complex projects.

Meet our Key Personnel

Eddie Daws

Head of Sales

Eddie is an accomplished sales professional with over 20 years of experience in the sale and business development of consumables, capital equipment and services to the mining, construction and drilling industries. Currently serving as our Head of Sales, Eddie is responsible for driving the company's sales growth and expanding its reach within Australia. 

Eddie has a proven track record of success in sales, having led global sales for German company, Perforator, for a number of years. He has a deep understanding of the drilling industry, and is able to identify opportunities to provide value to customers through innovative solutions and services.

As a sales professional, he is passionate about building strong customer relationships and delivering outstanding customer service.

Meet our Key Personnel

Kirsty Hutton

Head of Marketing

Kirsty specialises in marketing and business development in the construction and infrastructure sectors. She brings with her knowledge in law, business and marketing, having completed degrees in law and media studies. Kirsty has worked in contract administration on mine sites, and was operations manager for a mining engineering and maintenance company. She then shifted into marketing and communications as operations manager of a marketing agency and magazine publisher before running her own marketing business.  

Kirsty works with the OptionX Group businesses to expand their reach with a particular focus on explaining the technical nature of their work to a wider audience. She also strives to attract passionate workers to join the OptionX Group team as the businesses continue to grow.

All aspects of the drilling, boring and tunnelling industries covered

Whatever you need

If you need machinery repaired or manufactured....

Bournedrill has decades of machining experience and a workshop with experts ready to manufacturer what you need.

If you need a tunnelling contractor...

Edge Underground is Australia's leading installer of sewer and water pipes.

If you need an adaptable drilling machine...

The AdaptX is a new modular drilling platform that can be customised to suit your needs.

If you need a German MTS machine (or repairs)...

OptionX Group is the exclusive seller of MTS microtunnelling equipment in Australia and New Zealand, with support and backing for after-sales service.

Trust the Experts for All Your Drilling, Boring and Tunnelling Needs


MTS Microtunnelling Systems are available in Australia and New Zealand through OptionX Group.

Individual Product Solutions

OptionX Group and MTS offer product solutions for horizontal drilling technology. MTS machines suit a range of applications from the trenchless laying of supply and waste disposal lines, to pipe roofs and the expansion of pipeline routes.

Australian-Based Support

MTS machines purchased through OptionX Group are supported by our Australian team. That means spare parts, servicing and emergency repairs when you need it most.

Proven Results

The quality expected from German engineering shines through in all MTS equipment. For more than twenty years, MTS has provided leading microtunnelling equipment that has been used around the world.

Solution For All Aspects of the Indsutry

We’re Here to Serve the Drilling, Tunnelling and Boring Industries

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